Character counts, employment and mind BDSM

You’re probably wondering what my post title is touching on, well it’s regret. Regret for not paying closer attention, regret for not being more diligent, regret for having to write this post. (I know attention and diligence are pretty much the same thing but you always need three with these sorts of things!)

Basically the premise of my regret lies in the fact that I’ve been job searching recently and managed to secure myself an interview with a great agency. I think it went pretty well as confirmed by an email sent the following day stating they’d felt I’d come across really strong and would be a great fit. All they needed me to do next was produce a Facebook ad in order to further my application.

(Cue dramatic music) They had given me a 24 hour time restriction so I rushed home, grabbed a bite to eat and dove straight into the task. After working on several pieces of copy I finally decided on what I felt worked best and partnered it with an engaging image. I even tried to garner extra points by producing a PP presentation to put it in. 12 a.m, ad finished and I was grateful for my resilience to see the task through. (Music volume rises)

I must have read and counted my characters so many times to ensure that I didn’t exceed 90. Even when it came time to send it today I checked and checked again. From what I can only gather was sheer tiredness I completely forgot the fact that 90 characters INCLUDES spaces! (Music comes to a climatic finish). That is right ladies and gentlemen, I submitted my application with 87 characters EXCLUDING spaces but 102 INCLUDING, like an arse!

Woe is me. I know I shouldn’t make excuses but I have been running on a tank half empty for the past few weeks due to blossoming insomnia and my rooms been too cold and my clothes don’t fit like they used to and…(in audible rambling continues).

After realising my mistake this evening, I became so infuriated with myself that I sat in silence. It was just such a rookie mistake to make and like a rookie I’m going to try and deflect ownership; what is with this whole 90 characters thing anyhow! I know I’m not the only one with this issue, there’s even Facebook groups (set up by aggravated SEO managers I’m sure) arguing this restriction who claim that 90 characters on Facebook advertising should exclude spaces. They also have a petition going which I’ve signed with CAPITAL LETTERS.

I’m just so angry and disapointed right now but between my mothers’ calming reassurance and the cold reality pep talk of my brother, I’m gradually being talked off the edge. It was just such a foolish mistake. To have the opportunity to work for that company would’ve been amazing as they’re going through a structural change and the social and digital marketing team are soon to merge, so it would’ve been my ideal post.

The only thing I could even think of doing after my time out was venting, hence the blogpost. I could just be worrying for nothing. They could reply tomorrow and say “Hey just forget about it, we liked you…we know you liked us…so welcome aboard!”. But I’ve been on the recruiting side of the desk before and know that when applicants were asked to complete a task and they hadn’t stuck to the brief, regardless of how much I liked them it ended up being a stain on their application.

It truly is a matter of taking it as one of life’s lessons and knowing that from henceforth I need to check, check and CHECK again as my mother would say or her most hackneyed: “What is yours will never pass you by”. But right now, as true as those words are, it’s just adding more salt to the wound.

Am I being too hard on myself? Has anyone else been through a similar situation? I’d love to have some feedback before I end up tossing and turning all night and my insomnia problem truly gets out of hand.


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