Foursquare doesn’t have a revenue problem — it has a user intent problem?


Growth hacking – Is it all just marketing faddism?


“Growth hacker needed.”

“Head of Growth Hacking wanted”

“Do you have growth hacking experience?”

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Reasons why co-ordinating social business is just like dating

Now anyone who has ever bare witness to my radioactive yammering would surely have heard snippets of me stating that conducting social business is exactly like dating. I even mentioned it briefly in my previous post on CX acquisition.  Depending on the crowd, I’d usually be met with bemused nodding or the ever so elegant “Mmhm mhmm there’s someone over there…that I need to err…I’m just gonna walk that way”, so imagine my joy when I saw this article by @Jeffbulas describing how conducting social business is just like dating. It’s definetly worth a read and I recommend following him on twitter as well.

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