Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion


I’m not one to like reading books, but when I knew I was going on holiday I decided to buy a book that I thought I’d not only enjoy, but also learn from. So I purchased – Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. By Robert B. Cialdini.


I have to admit the overall book was very interesting to read, but at times I did feel like I had to read it for the sake of it, not that I wanted to. I find books very hard to read as I can’t seem to connect reading for the sake of it, but often I can relate to reading books that I can pick up knowledge from.

The book has over 300 pages; however, I feel with the entire key points extracted, this could be summed down to about 50 pages. I’d still recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in…

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5 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses



I’ve learnt that over the last year or two no matter how big or small you are as a business, making a social impact is a must for anyone whose business is centered on engaging with people. Being able to engage with your audience to create, build and maintain a business relationship is the core of what social media is all about. The only question is; do small businesses have the resources to master social media to create a stronger enough effect?

KNOW YOUR MARKET: Being able to know your audience and what they want is an art form which you can have control over. Posting for the sake of it isn’t a good use of time, nor will it connect with your audience. Make time to understand your audience by providing quality content that is meaningful, engaging and relevant. Catering for your audience with relevant offers can have…

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Character counts, employment and mind BDSM

You’re probably wondering what my post title is touching on, well it’s regret. Regret for not paying closer attention, regret for not being more diligent, regret for having to write this post. (I know attention and diligence are pretty much the same thing but you always need three with these sorts of things!)

Basically the premise of my regret lies in the fact that I’ve been job searching recently and managed to secure myself an interview with a great agency. I think it went pretty well as confirmed by an email sent the following day stating they’d felt I’d come across really strong and would be a great fit. All they needed me to do next was produce a Facebook ad in order to further my application.

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