Copywriting, is that one word or two?


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I suck at copywriting. OK, maybe that’s too strong a word, I don’t suck but I do have issues. Writing extensive pieces of work was never my strong point, I can write in a ‘this-is-my-blog-yada-yada-blah-blah’ type of way, but to write copy in a particular tone of voice is where I do tend to struggle. I blame my art background, I studied subjects that only called for artistic expression not the art of written. I could argue my ideas and opinions without a glitch but when the time arose to detail it down on paper I was nowhere to be seen.


However, that theory has to be rubbished in order for me to even begin to progress in digital marketing. It’s practically first on the list in regards to requirements for a prize role so I’ve started taking steps to improve said weakness. Serious steps. I’ve even gone back to the basics with the addition of more professional approaches including reading copious amounts of blogs on copywriting.

The funny thing when I don’t have a deadline to write towards, I can write for a grand amount of time but once I hear “I need it by….”, it’s all over. I don’t know whether anyone has ever had this issue,but if you have I’d love to hear how you manage to conquer it and what blogs/articles/methods you read or took to overcome it.

I guess in the true sense of the word, this post is nothing but a marker to force myself to start writing more so now now I’ve officially said it out loud I can’t turn back on my goal. Well I can but I’d only end up looking like a fool in front of all you lovely people.

Wish me luck!

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