Facebook Graph Search, is there a future for it?

Facebook Graph SearchFacebook Graph Search, it’s all in the title, is there a future for it?

I originally heard about the new tool from The Small Business Marketing Report, a bi-weekly podcast presented by Sean Clarke and Robert Tyson, where they discuss marketing factors which, if utiised properly, can help small businesses reach a grander audience and reap profit. This particular podcast in question was about email marketing, the introduction of HTML 5 and general all-round how to create social engagement with your brand. The subject of the Facebook graph search arose, and after taking a ganders around the site, it seems Facebook is operating the tool towards being a competitor/embodiment of four-square and Tumblr amongst other current social tools. From my understanding Facebook graph search is more for personal usage,an image search bank  (similar to searching for images on Tumblr), however this is more voyeuristic –  if perhaps to find out the total amount of friends who like a certain band , restaurant, product and so forth.  The strategy of Facebook graph search also reminds me of the post that I wrote on NUJI.com.

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