“I would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids…”

Beppe Grillo Facebook

Image: Facebook

So in sheer lack of being able to produce a ‘Frivolous Friday’ post which seeks to embody either a sprinkling of my silliness or just a random posting, I bring to you an interesting article that I sourced from Demos, the think-tank. The article in question is on the new political actors in Europe and how through the use of social media, an Italian blogger and comedian by the name of Beppe Grillo was able to “communicate, recruit and organise” his anti-establishment movement ‘Moviment 5 Steele’ established in Italy using Facebook.  Primarily centered around the discussion of populism and our fundamentally changing channels of communication, it seeks to understand how effective social media is when employed fruitfully to the extent that virtual activity moves to real-world activism.  It also makes for particularly grand reading, so go take a ganders!


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